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Mentoring Services

Mentoring Education is the single most valuable tool you can have for success in the Alpaca industry. A price cannot be put on experience and learning from top professionals and ranchers in the industry.

Our mentoring program is part of every customer engagement we make, from property counseling and pre prep for herd delivery to food, nutrition and herd health.  We mentor you from top to bottom so you are educated and confident in taking care of your herd. Knowing how to properly take care of your herd will ensure the best possible experience you can have as well as save untold amounts of time, money and unnecessary health issues. 

We help provide you with the tools and materials needed to help guide you in the right direction of the industry you want to go. Whether it's basic health and feeding knowledge to starting up your own breeding program or interest in participating in the Alpaca Show circuits.

FAQ, Q&A? We will be there to help answer any and all questions you are going to have down your path. Our customers text, call or email us and are part of our big Alpaca Family and lifestyle. Mentoring makes the difference!

Raising Alpacas is a way of life and an experience that words cannot describe. There is something special about it for sure and we would love to share that with you and let you experience it for yourself!

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God Bless and make it a great day!

Updated September 03, 2020